A growing number of male celebrities have been seen sporting “man bags.” And why not? Men have to carry stuff, too. Though man bags come in many shapes and sizes, messenger bags are by far the most common type of bag for men to carry. A guy doesn’t have to be an ultra-stylish celebrity to need a bag, either. Thanks to all the gadgets at our disposal: A tablet, laptops and electronic book readers to name a few, your average male has plenty of reasons to want a Hermes Man Messenger Bag.

Like Hermes wallets or any item from an original Hermes Bag Collection, Hermes bags for men are made with only the finest leather and are hand-stitched by skilled craftsmen. Replica Hermes bags may not require eighteen hours of work by one artist to complete, but they also don’t cost several thousand dollars to buy. A well-made replica Hermes looks astonishingly like the original, allowing you to enjoy your favorite fashions, even on a budget. The same holds true for the replica version of the Hermes Man Messenger Bag. Constructed of calfskin-textured leather, these for-men members of the Hermes Bag Collection are sturdy and spacious enough to carry everything a guy needs for a day of work or leisure. The Hermes Man Messenger Bag features a large main pocket and zippered front pocket. The front flap and straps give the bag a very classy look. The bag is finished with an adjustable shoulder strap.