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The only problem is that not every professional woman can afford to own a real Hermes purse. The black Hermes handbag in particular is very expensive. The purse runs at least $5,000 in most major boutiques in New York. In addition, this purse was created in short supply. Landing one of these limited edition handbags is almost impossible. A Hermes replica handbag, on the other hand, can be easily found online. This can make for a wise investment alternative for any professional woman. A Hermes replica handbag only costs a fraction of the price of a real Hermes handbag.

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This handbag is difficult to spot as a replica as well. With its simple design, many people are unable to tell the difference between a replica Hermes and a genuine one. The leather on a replica is just as smooth and soft as the leather on a real, genuine Hermes handbag. Overall, this is one of those purses you can not go without living in a big city.