86 Handbags

86Handbags.com is one of the many websites out there that offer replica handbags as well as a few other accessories. The website is laid out well and contains a search feature, making it easier for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for. Designs from some of the top brands are included at 86 Handbags and the prices seem to be in line with many of the other replica handbag sites. There is also a variety of bags in terms of size and color. Matching wallets and other items such as shoes, watches and jewelry can also be found at 86Handbags.

Finding the right bag at 86Handbags.com isn’t going to be very difficult. There are plenty of designs and designers. Hermes is featured on the website, which is not always easy to find on some of the replica sites. The Hermes leather designs are included in handbags and clutches in various sizes. The problem is that the photos don’t offer enough detail to see how well constructed the bags are. As a result, customers have to take a leap of faith and hope they get a replica bag that isn’t of poor quality. The company doesn’t have a return policy, which is never a good thing when buying online.

On the other hand, the prices at 86Handbags are great. The problem with the prices being as low as they are is that it leaves the customers wondering if it really is a well-made product. After ordering a bag to see how good it is was an eye-opening experience. If it were just any bag purchased in a department store, it would be fine. The problem is, it’s trying to pass the bag off as a Hermes. Placed side by side with an actual handbag from the designer there are a few obvious differences. Anyone would be able to see which one costs a few thousand and which one cost a fraction of the full price.