Hermes Clutches

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to hold an icon in your own hands? With a Hermes clutch, you can do just that. The Hermes Kelly clutch is one of the most iconic bags of all time – it’s even named after an icon! This clutch was the bag of choice for Grace Kelly, Queen of Monaco and Hollywood starlet, and it perfectly balances the regal and the glamorous. All Hermes bags have an air of majesty to them, but the Kelly clutch stands out in its’ simple elegance. But, this is just one of many Hermes clutches that you can explore. If you love the Kelly, you may want to check out the striking Jige Portfolio or one of the countless other Hermes bags and clutches. As the premier French haute couture and leather goods manufacturer, you can expect nothing short of excellence from the folks at Hermes.