Hermes Bags – What to Wear This Spring

Spring is in the air all over the Northern Hemisphere, and you know what that means: time to get some new spring fashions! There really is not better time of year than when you finally get to put your big ugly boots and giant parkas in the closet and pull out some sexy spring wear. At Hermes Bags Inc we want you to stay up to date with the latest in Hermes, and part of that is letting you know what you need to be wearing this spring and summer.

Hermes Spring/Summer Collection 2011

Under the leadership of Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermes unveiled a sly and sexy 2011 Spring/Summer collection last October in Paris. Informed by British riding wear and full of leather, jackets, ultra-high waist pants, and skin, Spring in Hermes prêt-a-porter is sexy and powerful. This spring and summer is going to be about looking sophisticated and powerful; women are taking charge this year!

The Hermes handbags, in keeping with this look, are simple, bold and sexy; they’re retro without being retreads. Gaultier stuck to smart reinventions of classic Hermes look; the Kelly bag is transformed into a fanny pack, a tiny Birkin is attached to a bracelet, etc. One of the biggest hits from the collection was a beautiful picnic-basket style bag with echoes of the Birkin in it. The main point: if you’re rocking Hermes this spring you should be rocking it in the most classic way possible. There’s not need to reinvent the wheel if you can find a novel way to spin it.