Hermes Models

More than almost any other brand, Hermes is famous for have classic, iconic brand models. The Kelly bag and the Birkin bag are two of the most famous designer handbags in the world and each are essential components of a complete Hermes bag collection.

Hermes Ready-to-Wear

Hermes clothes are totally under-rated. Each year the brand releases a collection that is coveted by the fashion elite and casual prêt-a-porter fans as well. Hermes clothing has changed drastically over the years and it is nearly impossible to simply characterize their style.

Hermes Bags

The Birkin Bag: The Birkin bag may not only be the most famous of Hermes handbags, but it may just be the most famous designer handbag period. Name after the lovely Jane Birkin (model/actress/chanteuse), the Birkin bag is simple and striking and is available in countless variations so you can get the colour and material that speaks to you.

The Kelly Bag: The Kelly bag was one of the first bags crafted by Hermes but it didn’t get its’ current name until it was worn by Grace Kelly in the 50s. This bag is a charming and simple. It is a perfect evening bag.

The Others: While the Birkin and the Kelly are definitely the most famous of Hermes bags, they are certainly not the only bags Hermes has to offer. The Hermes Evelyn has been a charming casual favourite for years and their simple and striking leather tote always turns heads. And, the Hermes work bag is almost as famous as its’ star-named sister bags.

Hermes Accessories

Hermes makes a wide variety of designer accessories. From scarves to belts to scents, the company has fully diversified. Amongst their most popular designer accessories are:

Hermes belts: Crafted from find leather, a Hermes belt is always subtle and straight-forward. Crafted from the finest leathers, Hermes belts are perfect at tying your outfit together.

Hermes scarves: Hermes has been crafting silk scarves for 80 years. In that time they’ve perfected a casual, sexy style that screams Paris. If you want that sexy, French je ne sais quoi look, these Hermes scarves are perfect for you.

Hermes Bracelets: Hermes is, first and foremost, an excellent leather goods manufacturer and that shows in their infamous leather bracelets. Simple and stunning without the need to for shiny, overly-expensive jewels, Hermes bracelets hit their mark perfectly.