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Hermes bags are recognized all over the world. That Hermes name has instant connotations for so many people. Just mention “Hermes” and you’re bound to hear things like “so sexy,” “simply iconic,” “Parisian chic”, and so on. This is a brand with a serious reputation for excellence. Everyone knows that a great Hermes bag can take an outfit to the next level. This site is dedicated to giving quality information regarding all things Hermes. From Hermes handbags to jewelry to scarves, we cover all Hermes accessories and give our readers the information they need to find the accessories that best suit their personal style.

Iconic Hermes Bags

While Hermes crafts prêt-a-porter clothing lines, belts, scarves, jewelry, scents and more, they are still best known for their handbags, and there is little reason why. Hermes has created some of the world’s best known bags. The Hermes Kelly became the world’s first IT bag when it was worn by Grace Kelly, Hollywood star and Queen of Monaco. They followed this with another bag named after an international star – the Birkin bag. Each of these bags is required wear for fashionistas worldwide. Hermes has a reputation for perfection in leather crafting, and these bags are perfect evidence of this.

Hermes Accessories

The Hermes excellence in leather is not solely found in their handbags, however. Their most popular pieces of jewelry are probably their leather bracelets (gorgeously crafted with silver clasps) and a Hermes belt is a must-have item for any style conscious gal. And, what wardrobe is complete without a Hermes scarf? Hermes silk scarves embody that sexy, Parisian je ne sais quoi look that we all covet.

Envisioning the perfect outfit is really just an exercise in combining Hermes elements. You start with a Hermes bag – say, a white Birkin – then add a sexy French silk scarf, a Hermes bracelet in black leather (sexy!) and tie it all together the an H belt. And, voila, just like that you have a sexy look that is bound to turn heads!


Hermes handbags are never anything short of iconic. From the Birkin bag to the Evelyn bag to the Kelly bag, these bags have left a mark on the fashion world. IF you want to achieve a classic, effortless look, then you should seriously consider adding Hermes bags to your repertoire.


While Hermes may be most well known for their star endorsed bags, Hermes jewelry is almost as popular and renowned. From patent leather bracelets to dazzling bangles to cuff links for the gentlemen, Hermes designs lovely jewelry that can transform your look into something that is fresh, new and classic all at once.


The French truly understand how to wear scarves, so it is little surprise that Hermes Scarves are so elegant and sexy. A Hermes scarf is the perfect way to add a subtle dash of sexy intrigue to your look. And, made of 100% silk, these scarves not only look great but they feel great too.


There is no better way to add a little bit of luxury to your life than through Hermes Belts. When we think of fashion accessories, we sometimes make the mistake of forgotten how well a great belt can tie an outfit together. With a Hermes belt you are tying that outfit together with luxurious style.

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